Guangxi bolsters interconnection with ASEAN countries


Updated: 2020-08-16


The Nanning-Chongzuo Railway is under construction. [Photo by Yao Qinglong/]

In order to bolster its interconnection with ASEAN countries, Guangxi has strengthened the construction of highways and railways leading to border ports in recent years.

According to China Railway Nanning Group Co Ltd, the construction of the Nanning-Chongzuo Railway is progressing well. This railway will be extended to the border city Pingxiang and will pass through Longzhou, a border county in Guangxi. After completion, a high-speed railway from Nanning to Pingxiang will be fully accessible, forming an important international transportation channel between China and ASEAN countries.

To date, expressways connecting Jingxi to Longbang Port, Fangchenggang to Dongxing Port, and Chongzuo to Shuikou Port have been completed and put into operation. Currently, Guangxi has three border expressways under construction, namely the Daxin-Pingxiang section of the Bama-Pingxiang Expressway, the Shuikou-Chongzuo-Aidian Expressway, and the Long'an-Shuolong Expressway. Among them, the first two expressways are expected to be opened to the public by 2023 and the third will be completed in 2022.

Guangxi has made a plan to newly build 8,000 kilometers of expressways from 2018 to 2030. After the completion of this plan, Guangxi will have nine outbound passages, connecting nine border ports in the region, namely Dongxing Port, Youyi Port, Shuikou Port, Longbang Port, Pingmeng Port, Aidian Port, Dongzhong Port, Shuolong Port, and Pingxiang Port.