Nanning to implement 86 smart city projects in 2020


Updated: 2020-07-09

The Nanning development and reform commission, the Nanning big data development bureau, and the Nanning finance bureau jointly issued the investment plan of the smart city construction project in 2020, arranging 86 projects for implementation.

The plan aims to benefit the public, enterprises, and governance in accordance with the principle of maintaining major projects and continued projects, focusing on supporting a batch of informatization projects, such as refining urban governance, optimizing the business environment, as well as developing data governance and innovative applications.

Support for projects that have been completed or that are about to be completed during the year has been strengthened. New projects including the Nanning static traffic management system, the data statistics system of the Nanning area of the Guangxi Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the Nanning e-government cloud platform (phase II) have also been arranged to help Nanning build a collaborative and efficient digital government, as well as develop an integrated and innovative digital economy.

In the future, the Nanning development and reform commission and the Nanning big data development bureau will further optimize the project review and approval process of annual financial investment informatization projects, ensuring the effective integration of data resources, controllable information network security, advanced and feasible technology, as well as accurate and reasonable investments.

In addition, related departments of Nanning will also provide follow-up services throughout the project, help solve problems encountered in the progress, as well as ensure that the investment is successfully completed and achieving actual results.