Guangxi opens first COVID-19 foreign expert consultation hotline


Updated: 2020-07-05

Guangxi International Hospital of Zhuang Medicine has opened Guangxi's first foreign expert consultation hotline for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic diagnosis and treatment.

So far, five foreign experts from the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Guatemala have been able to provide telephone consultation services.

Opened at the end of last year, the hospital is equipped with first-class medical care, wards, equipment, and instruments. Eleven staff members can proficiently speak English, Japanese, and Thai.

To date, four international free consultations have been carried out, providing medical services for nearly 80 foreigners and treating nearly 260 foreign patients. The hospital has enhanced the understanding of Zhuang medicine in ASEAN countries and has paved the way for Zhuang medicine to serve people all over the world.

Qin Yuwang, president of the hospital, said that the hospital mainly aims to help foreign experts working in Guangxi easily get medical treatment, as well as to explore effective ways to provide high-quality and secure medical services for foreign talents, further improving Guangxi's environment to attract overseas talents.