Guangxi tourism gradually rebounds (广西旅游业逐步恢复)


Updated: 2020-06-29

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday from June 25 to 27, Guangxi held 148 cultural tourism activities and received 4.33 million tourists, with tourism consumption reaching 2.58 billion yuan ($363.94 million), 39.6 percent of the total from the same period last year.

Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, residents from all over the country are paying more attention to tourism safety and are restricted to cross-provincial, long-distance, as well as outbound travel. Medium and short-distance self-driving tours within three days have become the most popular choice for the public.

Beihai Silver Beach Scenic Spot, Weizhou Island, Sanniang Bay Scenic Area, Jiangshan Peninsula Tourist Resort, Jing Island Scenic Area, and other coastal scenic areas were the main scenic spots for tourists to visit during the holiday.

The scenic spots across Guangxi strictly controlled visitor flow to within 30 percent of their capacity. Seven 5A-level scenic spots and 247 4A-level scenic spots in the region have all been connected to the video surveillance system, allowing real-time monitoring of key areas of scenic spots.

Tourists were also required to make reservations online and have their body temperatures taken at the entrances of the scenic spots.

Many scenic spots held Dragon Boat Festival themed activities, such as popular science activities, folk experiences, folk interactive performances, dragon boat races, lantern riddles, and garden party activities.

In addition, more than 200 cultural tourism enterprises launched more than 100 tourist route products and held 15 tourism promotion activities at the 2020 Guangxi Online Tourism Fair, which was held in Nanning during the holiday.

In addition, ticket discounts and folk festivals of scenic spots also attracted a large number of tourists.


Tourists queue to have their temperature measured and to enter a scenic area in Nanning, Guangxi during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. [Photo by Cheng Yongke/]

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