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Guangxi to promote Chinese games internationally


Updated: 2023-11-22

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The Guangxi E-sports Industrial Park has recently signed a strategic framework agreement with Nanning's Xingning district to construct an overseas operations base for high-quality games that are domestically produced.

This was announced during the final of 2023 Guangxi E-sports Cultural Creative Competition on Nov 20.

The e-sports industry is a new emerging industry that combines technology, competition, entertainment and social interactions. It has unique commercial attributes and user value in the fields of digital entertainment, culture and sports.

The Guangxi E-sports Industrial Park is the first professional e-sports industrial park in Guangxi. Since its launch in Nanning in 2020, it has hosted several large-scale e-sports events.

"The advantages of Guangxi in developing the e-sports industry are obvious, as the region has an advantage in its professional talents that excel in minority languages. Games developed domestically can be translated into minority languages in the park and then exported and released in ASEAN countries," said Liang Yezhang, general manager of a Guangxi-based e-sports enterprise.

Local officials also announced that in the future, the overseas operations base will focus on high-quality games and e-sports trends that go overseas. It will actively promote the integration of different ethnic groups and different regions, while also carrying out multi-dimensional business cooperation in areas such as event support, talent cultivation and cultural exchange. This will drive the standardization, cutting-edge development and internationalization of the e-sports industry.