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Guangxi seedlings bound for intl markets


Updated: 2023-11-21

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Well-arranged Eucalyptus seedlings. [Photo/China News Service]

Guangxi Bagui Seedling High-tech Group has been engaged in the export of Eucalyptus seedlings since November 2022, and has signed sales contracts that involve sending 20 million seedlings to countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Angola.

This was announced by Wu Bing, deputy general manager of the enterprise, on Nov 20.

Eucalyptus trees have been systematically introduced and developed in Guangxi since the 1980s, since then they have become the champion tree species for domestic timber production. 

Guangxi Bagui Seedling High-tech Group is currently the only enterprise in China that has been authorized with a national-level business license and that has received approval from the General Administration of Customs to export Eucalyptus seedlings.

The enterprise now cooperates with countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Angola to establish Eucalyptus seedling bases. This promotes the employment of hundreds of local residents and overseas Chinese. 

Eucalyptus trees are an important raw material for the paper industry and for the engineered wood industry. In recent years, a large number of paper mills and engineered wood factories have relocated to Southeast Asia, leading to a significant increase in local Eucalyptus demand.