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8 Guangxi brands placed on top 500 domestic value list


Updated: 2022-08-11

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A converter platform carries out operations at Liuzhou Steel Group's production facility. [Photo by Qin Shouchao/China News Service]

Eight Guangxi enterprises made the 2022 List of China's Top 500 Valuable Brands, which was released by the World Brand Lab on July 26 in Beijing.

The World Brand Lab was developed by Robert Mundell, who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1999. The lab has been releasing the List of China's Top 500 Valuable Brands for 19 consecutive years.

The list assesses brands based on aspects such as consumer research, competitive analysis, financial data, brand strength and expectations for future revenue. It is now considered one of the most professional and influential awards in China's field of brand research and has been known as the "Oscar Award" among Chinese brands.

Liuzhou Steel Group, LiQ Beer, and Yuchai Group are three of the eight listed Guangxi brands. Yuchai Group received the highest ranking at number 101 with a brand value of 75.66 billion yuan ($11.23 billion), which is more than 12 billion yuan more than the previous year. 

Another two Liuzhou firms, Liuzhou Wuling Motors and Liugong Group, also made the list, demonstrating the strong brand strength of the Liuzhou's industries. Liuzhou Steel Group made the list for the first time and ranked second among Guangxi entrees with a brand value of 35.57 billion yuan.