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Guangxi releases measures supporting land-sea trade corridor


Updated: 2022-05-25

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A container ship loaded with cargo docks at Qinzhou Port. [Photo by Chen Lei/China News Service]

Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region released 22 measures to support the high-quality construction of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor on May 19. 

The measures cover six aspects, providing support for sea-rail intermodal transportation, cross-boundary transportation and aviation logistics, reducing logistics costs and increasing customs efficiency, attracting and cultivating logistic companies, the construction of industrial parks and key projects, as well as attracting more funds for the corridor's construction. 

Sea-rail intermodal container trains and ships of the Beibu Gulf Port will start normalized operations to attract more enterprises to transport cargo via the port. Guangxi encourages rail enterprises to give discounts for sea-rail intermodal container trains in the Beibu Gulf Port.

Relevant companies will gain support in opening cross-boundary container train routes between Guangxi and Vietnam, while aviation companies are encouraged to operate flights from Nanning to capitals and major cities of ASEAN countries more frequently. 

Vehicles specializing in transporting international standardized containers under legal operation with electronic toll collection devices will be able to enjoy a 50 percent discount when passing through designated expressway toll stations in Guangxi. 

A one-time reward of 3 million yuan ($449,365) will be available for container liner ship companies ranked among the global Top 100 list when setting up new subsidiaries in Guangxi and participating in global shipping operations in the Beibu Gulf for at least a year. 

It is expected to attract more globally famous companies to participate in the corridor's construction and to cultivate demonstrative industrial pioneers in areas like cold chain logistics, urban distribution, as well as online transportation. 

Companies newly registered in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone managing high-end shipping service businesses, such as shipping finance, shipping insurance, and shipping trade, can also receive rewards. 

In addition, a subsidy of up to 15 million yuan will go to warehouse logistics projects built in Guangxi by logistics companies in the Fortune Global 500 or among China's Top 500 Companies.