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Tian'e Longtan pearl plums


Updated: 2022-05-10

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Tian'e Longtan pearl plums. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Hechi's Tian'e Longtan pearl plum is a national geographical indication product, and it is also a pollution-free, green, and high-quality agricultural product native to Guangxi. The fruit is crisp, delicate and sweet. It is known as the "Queen of plums" and has been awarded as one of the "100 most favorite agricultural products in China", the "most influential regional Chinese agricultural products", and "Guangxi's  high-quality agricultural products". In 2015, Tian'e county was named the hometown of China's Longtan pearl plum.

The agricultural area of Tian'e Longtan pearl plums has reached 126,000 mu (8,400 hectares) up to now, and the production area is 40,000 mu. It is estimated that the output of plums will reach 15,000 metric tons this year, with an output value of 120 million yuan ($18.5 million).

Meanwhile, Tian'e has established an efficient and convenient logistics distribution system, including a county-level e-commerce public service center, 66 town and village-level e-commerce service stations and logistics distribution points, and logistics stations have achieved full coverage in Tian'e's nine towns.