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Overseas students experience traditional culture in Guilin


Updated: 2022-03-10

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A delegation of overseas students from nine countries that study at Guilin University of Electronic Technology in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region paid a three-day visit to Guanyang county in Guilin to get a close look at traditional agricultural culture and Guiju opera on March 3.

March 3 is the second day of the second month, which is known as "the day the dragon raises its head," symbolizing the coming of rain and the start of plowing, or an abundant spring.

Interesting activities were arranged, such as catching fish in the rice fields and hair cutting, while unique local cuisines drew a lot of attention.


Overseas students experience plowing in Guilin. [Photo provided by Lu Shichen to]

Iala Mohamed from Morocco said it was his first time plowing and that the whole experience was quite unique.

The delegation also paid a visit to Academician Yuan Longping's academic workstation in Guanyang's Xinyu town, which has a 1,250-mu (206-acre) scientific research base. It has been putting in constant effort to provide agricultural and sideline goods with market competitiveness, as well as providing technical assistance for Guangxi's high-quality agricultural growth.

In addition, the students participated in a traditional Guiju opera performance to experience the allure of this ancient art form.