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Updated: 2022-01-06

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Fangchenggang is located in the Beibu Gulf in Guangxi. It is a port city, border city, and bay city. Fangchenggang Port was built in 1968 and the city was established in 1993. Fangchenggang has a total area of 6,238 square kilometers and a total population of over 1 million.

Fangchenggang is the only Chinese city that is connected to the ASEAN by sea, land and river. Located in the junction of the South China Economic Circle, the Southwest China Economic Circle and the ASEAN Economic Circle, Fangchenggang is the most convenient gateway and passage in the hinterland of China to enter the ASEAN. It is a river away from Mong Cai, the biggest special region in Vietnam. Fangchenggang also has four national level ports. Among them, the Dongxing Port is the largest one located on the land border and one of the main coastal ports of China. The largest port in the west, Fangcheng Port, has an annual cargo throughput that exceeds 100 million tons. Fangchenggang is open to traffic to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It is now becoming a China-ASEAN regional international shipping hub and port logistics center.

Fangchenggang is China's most promising border economic zone. The city has several national-level development and open platforms including Dongxing National Key Development and Opening-up Experimental Zone, Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone, Border Financial Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone, and Pilot Area of New Open Economic System.


Fangchenggang is a port city, border city, and bay city. [Photo/VCG]

Fangchenggang is an emerging port industrial city in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. A group of Fortune 500 companies from the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong have settled here, forming a batch of major industries such as steel, non-ferrous metals, grain and oil processing, and energy. The first phase of Hongsha Nuclear Power Station is in commercial operation and the second phase of the project is steadily advancing. Shenglong Metallurgical became one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the largest private enterprise in Guangxi. Jinchuan's copper deep processing project with a production of 150,000 tons was completed and put into production. Jinchuan also built the largest vegetable oilseed processing base and phosphate export processing base. Jinchuan will also build the world's largest nickel product processing base.