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Updated: 2022-01-06

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Hechi [Photo/VCG]

Hechi is located at the border of northwestern Guangxi and the southern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is an important passage to the coastal ports of southwest China. It borders Liuzhou to the east, Nanning to the south, Baise to the west, and Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province to the north. Its land area is 33,500 square kilometers.

Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, the city has sufficient sunshine and abundant heat. 

Hechi has a great deal of China's non-ferrous metals and hydropower. It is the city of longevity. It is also the hometown of the world's bronze drums, Liu Sanjie, the Seventh Red Army and Wei Baqun. Nature has endowed Hechi with significant resources. It is rich in minerals and other land reserves, hydropower, and diverse light and heat resources. It also has abundant flora. Hechi is an important agricultural and sideline production base in Guangxi. Its production levels of silkworm cocoons, sucrose, flue-cured tobacco, chestnut, wood, tung tree, tea oil and mountain grapes are among the best in Guangxi.

Hechi's mineral resources are found in 11 counties and cities (districts) in the city. There are 172 deposits of 46 minerals including tin, antimony, zinc, indium, copper, iron, gold, silver, manganese and arsenic. There are also 18 large mines. The main energy resources are coal and stone coal. The main non-metallic minerals include sulfur, limestone and dolomite. The city also has rich mineral water resources. Hechi is the hometown of nonferrous metals and its reserves of tin, lead, zinc, antimony and indium are the largest in Guangxi.

Hechi is a major karst landform tourism area. Karst landform is the most important tourism resources in Guangxi, and it is also the city's most representative type of tourism landscape. The area of the karst landforms in the ten counties of Hechi is 21,795 square kilometers, accounting for 24.34 percent of Guangxi's total. Hechi also has the largest exposed area of karst landforms in Guangxi.

Hechi is a tourist treasure that is extremely rich in tourism resources and great development potential. The magical and fascinating karst landscape, splendid water and mountain scenery, rich and colorful virgin forests, quaint cultural customs and features and unique longevity resources make Hechi a true tourist destination.