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One COVID-19 case reported in Guilin


Updated: 2021-12-08

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One COVID-19 case was reported in Guilin. The details are as follows:

Guilin, Guangxi: On Dec 6, Guilin CDC reported that an illegal immigrant in quarantine and control had tested positive for COVID-19. The travel history of the patient is listed below. People who have traveled to any place that the patient has visited during the corresponding period shall report immediately to their village (community) committees, employers, or hotels and avoid social contacts as well as comply with COVID-19 testing and other safety protocols.

Dec 5

8:15 pm: Entered Guilin via Quannan Expressway Liaotian Toll Station.

8:25-8:40 pm: Consulted about meals at the Yuqiao Sashimi Shop, Xianhu Road, Lingui district.

9:10-9:50 pm: Dined at Lingchuanjidong Dog Meat Restaurant, Putuo Road, Qixing district.

10:00-10:15 pm: Shopped at Huarong Supermarket, Guanqiao Village, Xiufeng district and picked up items at No 310 Guanqiao Village.

11:00 pm-2:15 am, Dec 6: Hung out at Huadu International Entertainment Club, Qixing district.

Dec 6

2:30 am: Bought rice noodles at the Youlai Rice Noodles Restaurant at the intersection of Qixing District Stadium with his companions and ate in the car.

2:40-3:50 am: Picked up items at No 310 Guanqiao Village and headed back to Qixing district.

3:50-5:00 am: Returned to No 21 Xiangkou Village, Zhangmu Village Committee, Qixing district.