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Xiumei Yongjiang River, Yongzhou Ancient Scenic Area (4A)


Updated: 2021-02-17

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The night view of Yongjiang River. [Photo/]

Xiumei Yongjiang River, Yongzhou Ancient Scenic Area covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers, from Yangguan Wharf on the Yongjiang River to the Lingtie Bridge.

In 2020, it was officially listed as a national 4A-level tourist area.

The scenic area is comprised of the historical sculptures of Yangguan Wharf, the Yongzi Stone Tablets, sculptures depicting Guangxi's historical myths, Changyou Pavilion, distinctive arcades, paintings, the Eight Scenic Spots of Yongzhou, the ancient city walls and the ancient guardian facilities, showing the beauty of Yongjiang River and Nanning's "red history" as well as people's livelihoods and folk customs.

At the core of this scenic area is cultural tourism and the "Ancient Yongzhou" evening sightseeing cruise. The cruise ship has completed facilities and a comfortable environment. Tourists can experience a panoramic view of the Yongjiang River's beautiful scenery and listen to the historical stories of Nanning.

The cruise ship departs from Minsheng Wharf and passes through the following attractions: Minsheng Square, Changyou Pavilion, Yongjiang Bridge, Dongyong Pavilion, Yangguan Wharf, Baisha Bridge, Yinghua Bridge, Wuxiang Bridge and Nanning Bridge.

In addition, when night falls, tourists are able to watch the brilliant lights on Minsheng Square, stroll along the river bank to gaze at the night view of the Yongjiang River, enjoy the cool river breeze, and listen to the melodies from the musical fountain.