Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Park (4A)


Updated: 2021-02-15

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Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Park. [photo/]

Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Park, located in Xingning district, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, covers a total area of more than 100,000 mu (6,667 hectares), of which the core area covers 18,000 mu. 

It is now the largest urban forest park in China to integrate fitness, entertainment, forest-based relaxation, and science and cultural experiences.

This park is dubbed the "ecological garden" of Nanning, as the forest coverage rate of the park stands at 90 percent, and it is home to hundreds of tree species, forming a green natural barrier to the north of the city. 

The park enjoys convenient transportation. The south entrance of the park is only 4 kilometers away from Nanning Outer Ring Expressway Gaofeng Toll Station, 11 km away from downtown Nanning, 15 km away from Nanning East Railway Station, and 35 km away from Nanning Wuxu International Airport.

It is said that Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Park is "a magical paradise where people interact closely with the forest." At its core, it is comprised of "one center and two pivots": the "one center" is the tourist center, and the "two pivots" are the east and west lines. 

The scenic spots such as forest trains, forest carnivals, mushroom workshops and bird forests attract tourists of all ages to embark on a pleasant journey into a forested world.