Fantawild Asian Legend


Updated: 2020-08-13


People watch the parade and open-air show at Fantawild Asian Legend. [Photo/]

Fantawild Asian Legend is a high-tech theme park established by Fantawild Holdings Inc, a renowned entity in China's entertainment and technology industry. It is also the first theme park in China to showcase the culture of the 10 ASEAN countries.

Located in Qingxiu district, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Fantawild Asian Legend was officially opened to the public on Aug 8, 2018.

The park combines the representative folklore, mythological stories, and natural scenery of the 10 ASEAN countries with world-class high-tech theme park facilities, such as a dome ride theater, three-dimensional tracking movies, and thrilling rollercoasters. It has also created 11 indoor themed projects, allowing tourists to visit the famous attractions and historical sites, as well as experience the cultural customs of Southeast Asia.

The park's "City of Ten Thousand Pagodas" theme project uses holographic projection, four-dimensional phantom imaging, and other technologies to reproduce the pagoda culture of Myanmar. Visitors can watch a themed performance combining virtual images and real-life interpretations from multiple angles and directions. In the dome ride theater, visitors can appreciate the most distinctive natural and cultural scenery of the 10 ASEAN countries that will have them feeling like they're flying over these well-known attractions.

In addition, the park also has more than 30 outdoor entertainment projects that integrate entertainment, interactivity, and experiences, as well as multiple theme restaurants, Southeast Asian style streets, and 200 leisure landscapes.