Border railway to start construction by end of the year


Updated: 2020-07-22

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The new Chongzuo-Pingxiang railway project was approved by the Guangxi Development and Reform Commission and will start construction within the year according to the work plan.

Located on the China-Vietnam border, the Chongzuo-Pingxiang Railway is an extension of the Nanning-Chongzuo Railway that is under construction. The project will pass through Ningming county, Longzhou county, and Pingxiang of Chongzuo. With a total investment of 14.9 billion yuan ($2.14 billion), the railway will span a total length of 81.12 kilometers and have a design speed of 250 km per hour. Three new stations will be established in Ningming, Longzhou, and Pingxiang.

Chongzuo is the prefecture-level city with the longest borderline in Guangxi. Ningming county, Longzhou county, and Pingxiang all border Vietnam. After the completion of the project, the entire Nanning-Pingxiang Railway will be connected, forming an important international transportation channel between China and ASEAN countries.

It is of great significance to create an important economic corridor between China and ASEAN, as well as to build Guangxi into an important node of the Belt and Road.

Since the early stage work of the Chongzuo-Pingxiang Railway started in late March this year, Guangxi has conducted innovative methods and processes to speed up study design, control project construction investment, and promote comprehensive land development along the line, thus effectively ensuring the rapid and orderly progress of project construction.