Guangxi focuses on rural tourism industry development


Updated: 2020-07-13

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In order to promote the high-quality development of rural tourism in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and provide new growth drivers for rural areas, Guangxi government issued several measures on July 7.

The integration and development of rural tourism formats will be accelerated, while the integration of rural tourism and agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, health, sports, education, science and technology, as well as other industries will be promoted. In addition, the improvement of the quality and efficiency of rural tourism products will be strengthened.

Tourist scenic spots, eco-tourism demonstration areas, tourist resorts at the national 4A-level or above, as well as national brands in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, healthcare, education, and sports will receive additional awards. Famous historical and cultural towns and villages, traditional villages, as well as ethnic villages are encouraged to develop rural tourism and will be provided with supporting awards and supplementary funds.

Support policies for major rural tourism projects will be formulated, while a number of exemplary and self-driving rural tourism projects will be implemented. The foundation of rural tourism development, the transformation and upgrading of rural tourism roads, as well as the water, electricity, and communications infrastructure in rural tourism industry clusters will be improved.

In terms of broadening investment and financing channels for rural tourism, state-owned investment platforms are encouraged to participate in the construction and operation of rural infrastructure through direct investment and joint development, guiding private investment to participate in rural tourism development through government and social capital cooperation.

The region will implement various preferential taxation policies at all levels, provide tax service support, and further reduce the tax burden of rural tourism enterprises. It will also co-ordinate the financing of projects related to agriculture, transportation, and poverty alleviation, as well as support the development of rural tourism industries.