Land-sea corridor bolsters Guangxi logistics transportation


Updated: 2020-07-06

According to statistics provided by China Railway Nanning Group Co Ltd, the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor in western China is increasingly favored by companies in need of logistics transportation.

Since April 28, 2017, a total of 3,575 sea-rail combined trains have been launched in the land-sea corridor. The number of opened trains increased from 178 in 2017 to 2,243 in 2019, an 11.6-fold increase.

Guangxi Du'an Xijiang Yufeng Cement Co, which is a company located in Du'an Yao autonomous county producing cement clinkers with local abundant stone resources, faced great difficulties in logistics and transportation.

With the help of the local government and China Railway Nanning Group Co, the company has found a solution. By using the land-sea corridor, the cement clinkers from Du'an are transported to Laibin Port through the Red River, then to Qinzhou Port by rail, and finally transferred on to ships to be sent to foreign countries by sea. The whole process is fast and safe, as well as boasts large capacity and low costs.

Guigang Power Generation Co of China Huadian Corporation, as well as Guangxi Fengshuo Investment Co have also used the land-sea corridor for logistics transportation. The corridor helps companies not only solve urgent transportation problems, but also improves transportation efficiency, shortens transportation time, and reduces transportation costs.