Nanning attaches great importance to technological innovation


Updated: 2020-06-10

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Since 2019, Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has made great efforts in science and technology innovation, achieving new breakthroughs and progress.

The city has continuously strengthened its enterprise innovation position, with the number of its high-tech enterprises reaching 990, accounting for 41.44 percent of the total in Guangxi. Nine new gazelle enterprises in Guangxi have settled in Nanning, increasing its total number to 28, accounting for 30.11 percent of the whole region's total. In addition, 285 middle and small-sized enterprises (SME) in the city have been recognized as national science and technology enterprises in 2020, accounting for 39.15 percent of Guangxi's total.

Innovative and entrepreneurial platforms have been developed this year, including three new national enterprise technology centers, one national-level technology business incubator, and one national-level maker space.

Nanning has now set up 28 national-level innovation and entrepreneurship platforms, as well as introduced 10 well-known university branches and new industrial technology research institutions. In the past two years, nine national-level talents introduced to the city have made fruitful scientific and technological achievements, including winning two National Science and Technology Awards in 2019 and 42 Guangxi Science and Technology Awards.

In addition, Nanning has issued a set of innovative policies with strong breakthroughs to create a good environment for all sectors of society to devote themselves to innovation and development. It has determined the mid- and long-term goals for Nanning's strong innovation work in 2025 and 2035, mechanisms for rewarding and inspiring talents, as well as venture capital guidance funds to promote the healthy and rapid development of technological and innovative SMEs.