CPPCC members propose strengthening public health service system


Updated: 2020-05-26

Members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) from Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have called for accelerating the capacity building of the public health service system and emergency system at this year's two sessions.

Li Sirong, a CPPCC National Committee member, put forward proposals regarding the cost of medical protection equipment. He suggested that hospitals should be allowed to charge patients for protective equipment for infectious diseases or to receive funds for protective items from government branches.

As the head nurse of the AIDS Department at Nanning Fourth People's Hospital, CPPCC Member Du Liqun agreed with Li and added that government branches should further improve the compensation mechanism for infectious disease hospitals.

"In the process of the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, practical problems have been exposed, such as the uneven distribution of resources for doctors, weak links in the training process of medical talents, and the lack of sufficient attention paid in the planning and construction of public health systems," said Dai Ming, a CPPCC National Committee member and the vice president of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine.

He suggested expanding the enrollment training scale of integrated medical talent and focusing on cultivating high-quality medical talents with clinical transformation and application capabilities.

Other issues like the construction of major public health service systems in poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority areas, as well as the shortage of primary medical and health personnel were also under discussion.