Deputies and CPPCC members praise Nanning's tax policy


Updated: 2020-05-21

Deputies of the people's congresses and members of CPPCC committees at all levels in Guangxi have highly praised the fast issuance and effective implementation of Nanning's preferential tax policies amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Nanning taxation department has implemented five batches of preferential tax policies to help enterprises overcome difficulties, as well as support economic and social development in terms of epidemic control, cost reduction, burden reduction, and stability of foreign trade.

"A set of tax policies by the Nanning taxation department helped many companies, including us, to receive tax reduction," said Liang Nanyan, a deputy of the Guangxi People's Congress and financial director of Guangxi Lvneng Electric Power Exploration and Design Co Ltd.

Huang Chao, a deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager assistant of Guangxi Forestry Group, said that through the preferential taxation policies to help enterprises resume work and production, the group received a bank loan principal of 140 million yuan ($19.71 million) and the interest was reduced by 1.7 million yuan.

Yi Jie, an NPC deputy and the chairman of Guangxi Harc Technology Co, noted that the company has received a tax rebate of 89,600 yuan while enjoying various tax reduction and fee reduction policies, such as those related to R&D costs.

Gu Xihong, a deputy of Nanning People's Congress and chairman of Guangxi Nanning Duning Ventilation & Protection Equipment Co, said that the implementation of the policies allow us to invest more money in the R&D of new technologies and new products.

In addition, the Nanning taxation department launched contactless channels to handle taxation matters through the electronic taxation bureau, self-service tax terminal, and its WeChat public account. It also provided one-to-one services for enterprises, introducing preferential policies accurately to them that helped enterprises fight the COVID-19 epidemic and resume production.

"Under the dual impact of the economic downturn and the epidemic situation, our company was in financial straits and a bad operation situation," said Meng Yongye, a member of CPPCC Nanning Committee and the legal representative of Guangxi Medictop Co. "Thanks to the help of the tax department and preferential policies, we have full confidence in the business now."