Guangxi boosts infrastructure construction of the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt


Updated: 2020-05-14

Three major second-level ship lock projects of the Liujiang River, Guigang, and Xijin in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region are currently in the midst of construction to ensure that the annual goals will be successfully completed.

The three projects are all constructed by CCCC Forth Harbor Engineering Co, aiming to improve the dry navigation capacity of the Xijiang River and promote the high-quality development of the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt.


Aerial view of the construction site of the Liujiang River Honghua ship lock project. [Photo/Xinhua]

In order to resume work while implementing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention and control measures, related departments of each project have established a special working group to formulate anti-epidemic programs.

Management personnel in low-risk areas, as well as workers in Guangxi and Guangdong were given priority to return to their work in batches. Chartered buses were also arranged to pick up migrant workers in Guangdong province with travel information being tracked.

Sufficient disinfectant, masks, gloves, and other epidemic prevention materials were purchased through multiple channels to ensure the safe resumption of production.

Staff members have to register before entering the work site and have meals separately at different times from each other. Workers that were returning from other places were isolated in batches for 14 days and had their body temperature measured every day as part of the quarantine efforts. Dedicated workers do ventilation and disinfection in public places several times per day.

At present, the construction plans of the three projects have been optimized, while the input of personnel and equipment have increased, as well as 24-hour uninterrupted construction operations have been implemented to improve construction efficiency.

It is expected that by the end of next year, after the three projects are open to navigation, the Xijiang section in Guangxi will be able to pass 3,000 ton ships all year round.