Journeys toward prosperity

(China Daily)

Updated: 2020-05-10


Shuanglonggou scenic spot in Guangxi features traditional stilted wooden buildings.[Photo provided to China Daiy]

The Wanfo Lake Resort has been involving local farmers in the travel business since 1995.

Over 500 villagers around the lake play roles in the scenic spot's operations, which provides each with more than 3,000 yuan a year in extra income, Shucheng county's government says.

During a recent TikTok stream, county head Zhang Xiuping promoted the local tea oil festival and farm produce when marketing Wanfo Lake tourism. This generated over 7.5 million yuan in sales.

In eastern China's Fujian province, the Tulou scenic spot has built e-commerce platforms to market products made by local villagers.

At present, the attraction's management has brought together over 200 rural households in over 50 villages in Yongding district and helped them sell over 70 products nationwide, including vegetables, poultry, meat, honey and grain.

More than 100,000 residents' livelihoods are connected to tourism, Yongding's government says.

The district received over 11.8 million visits in 2019, generating 13.5 billion yuan.

Binglanggu Resort in Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county in southern China's Hainan province has been using local ethnic-culture tourism to improve residents' lives.

The resort has invested over 6 million in a street with over 100 booths selling local foods and folk art.

Over 1,500 locals near Binglanggu earn livings through tourism.

The resort has also founded a rural-homestay cooperative to involve villagers.

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