Journeys toward prosperity

(China Daily)

Updated: 2020-05-10


An aerial photo of Longan county in Guangxi, known for its karst landforms and picturesque scenery.[Photo/Xinhua]

The attraction has provided them with multiple jobs and income streams, enabling them to provide a quality education for their child and have their own parents live with them.

"We started a small farm, a little workshop and a mini market based on the destination's conditions," says Shuanglonggou's deputy general manager Wei Zhongping.

The farm is run by 13 rural households and satisfies their basic food needs. The workshop hires residents who've escaped poverty to make souvenirs, Wei says.

The mini market hosts distinctive eateries run by locals.

Shuanglonggou has also restored nearly 100 original stilted wooden buildings in recent years and encouraged local people living in poverty to work and live in the scenic spot.

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