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Smart projects to bolster Hezhou's economy


Updated: 2020-04-24

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The Gupo Mountain Shunfeng Project, which includes the sub-projects of high quality improvement and transformation of Gupo Mountain Scenic Area, Shunfeng EHang Smart Town, and Xiangyun EHang Smart Manufacturing Base, will become a new engine for Hezhou's economy, developing Hezhou's smart tech industries. 

The total investment of the high quality improvement and transformation project of Gupo Mountain Scenic Spot is about 1 billion yuan ($141.35 million). It will introduce new business formats, as well as renovate the river and landscape under the principle of "protection first, development second." Well-known tourism enterprises and elite management teams will also be introduced to promote the development of the big health industry.

Invested in by Beijing Shunfeng Travel Group, China's outstanding tourist destination builders and tourism industry operators, and EHang Holdings Limited, the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle technology platform company, Shunfeng EHang Smart Town project has a total investment of 7.3 billion yuan and a planned land area of about 2,000 mu (133.33 hectares).

An aviation industry experience park, an aviation culture theme park, and a health tourism resort will be built. It will also build the world's first drone terminal, setting up air routes between Hezhou High Speed Rail Station and Gupo Mountain Scenic spot to enhance travel experiences.

Xiangyun EHang Smart Manufacturing project will build a factory and mainstream aircraft production lines that can produce 1 trillion EHang 216 AAVs with an annual output value of 20 billion yuan. Core components and spare parts for autonomous vehicles will also be produced to realize the independent production and assembly of the aircrafts.

EHang's automatic aircrafts have been used to complete the tasks of anti-novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic materials delivery and air patrol during the COVID-19 outbreak. It can also be widely used in forest fire prevention, transportation management, disaster rescue, infrastructure inspection, and water conservancy inspection.

After completion of the three projects, Hezhou will effectively promote the development of smart industries, including the high-tech industry, smart tourism, and smart city management.