Government holds meeting to promote rural revitalization


Updated: 2019-11-08

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Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region holds a meeting on rural revitalization on Nov 6. [Photo by Huang Ke/]

The rural revitalization leader group of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region held a meeting on Nov 6, summarizing the results of their previous work and carrying out deployment of key tasks in the next phase.

Lu Xinshe, Party secretary of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, noted at the meeting that the current focus is to promote implementation, as the goal, tasks, and paths of the rural revitalization strategy are clear.

Lu proposed suggestions from six aspects, including: focusing on ensuring that compulsory education, basic medical care, housing, and drinking water are provided; strengthening the management of rural housing construction, with a focus on bolstering construction reports and supervision; developing modern characteristic industries in the rural areas; deepening rural reform to create a number of rural revitalization demonstration sites with greater influence in the country in two to three years; promoting the construction of a rural governance system, as well as mechanisms for the investigation and mediation of rural conflicts and disputes; as well as enhancing the development of urban and rural integration in infrastructure construction and public service.

Lu stressed that rural revitalization is a long-term systematic project. Governments at all levels should further improve their working mechanisms, strengthen supervision and assessment, as well as truly enhance the capability of rural governance, especially in terms of execution and implementation.

Chen Wu, chairman of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, requested that all departments in Guangxi intensify their work coordination, as well as more effectively promote efforts in improving industry development, infrastructure, and public service for the development of rural revitalization efforts.