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Liuzhou shopping malls

Updated: 2019-10-16

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Liuzhou Better Life Square

Liuzhou Better Life Square covers an area of 120,000 square meters and is divided into eight floors, including six floors above ground and two floors underground. It is equipped with 5,000 parking spaces, covering fashion department stores, supermarket chains, home appliances stores, international cinemas, and brand catering, etc. It is the first large-scale comprehensive experiential shopping mall in Liuzhou.

Liuzhou Wanda Plaza

Liuzhou Wanda Plaza is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalian Wanda Group. It is a super large complex that integrates large shopping malls, large entertainment centers, five-star cinemas, five-star hotels, Grade A office buildings and SOHO offices, with a total construction area of approximately 680,000 square meters. In August 2015, Wanda successfully purchased 175.2 mu (11.68 hectares) of land at the intersection of Liuyu Road and Hangsheng Road in Liunan District, and built its second Wanda Plaza in Liuzhou - Liuzhou Liunan Wanda Plaza. 


Kids' corder of Liuzhou Wanda Plaza [Photo/Liuzhou Daily]

New Times Shopping Mall

New Times Shopping Mall is characterized by conducting both whole sale and retail business, a largest market for costumes and general merchandise in Guangxi. It is located at the No 53 Fei'e Road where is in prosperous district in Liuzhou throughout five provinces. With the excellent geographical location, convenient traffic, it is a land of merchants gathered. 

Add: No 53 Fei'e Road, Liuzhou

Tel: +86-772-8800175


Fei'e Commercial Center   

Liuzhou Fei'e Commercial Center is the wholly State-owned enterprise, as well as a Sub-branch of Guangxi Huadi Industry & Trade Center. It was built in 1993, located at No 55 Fei'e Road, where is golden-zone of the commercial center and a core of business area of commercial port in Liuzhou.

It is specialized in boutiques & garments, mid-quality shoes at wholesales, as well as retailing small articles of daily use, cloth, textiles, etc. The Commercial Center is equipped with bank, catering, storage, logistics, and parking lot. 

The Commercial Center covers an area of 80,000 square meters, over 2,000 shops with different sizes. With the prosperous business, its annual turnover rose up 50 million yuan. It has been awarded for civilization market in Liuzhou of Guangxi, as well as a sample enterprise on market monitored by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

Add: No 55, Fei'e Road, Liuzhou, Guangxi

Tel: +86-772-3820430

Fax: +86-772-3820430