Liuzhou holds policy briefing for foreigners


Updated: 2019-09-12


Liuzhou holds a policy briefing on immigration and entry-exit applications for foreigners working in the city. [Photo/]

A policy briefing on immigration and entry-exit applications was held in Liuzhou by the Science and Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Foreign Expert Bureau) for foreigners working in the city, attracting nearly 40 foreign experts from 11 countries to participate in it.

Leaders of the entry and exit administration of Liuzhou public security bureau explained the updated policies to facilitate immigration and entry-exit applications of foreigners. The National Immigration Administration has issued 12 measures to make immigration and entry-exit applications easier and more convenient for certain foreigners since Aug 1, covering employment, entrepreneurship, investment, and study.

The meeting enabled the participating foreign experts to keep abreast of the policy requirements and work procedures for handling permanent residence, long-term visas, residence permits, and other matters in Guangxi. It also detailed how to fully prepare the required materials and the importance of making timely applications, which will help protect their legitimate interests.

The Science and Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Foreign Experts Bureau) has organized cultural events and set up consultation platforms since 2017 to help foreign experts working in Guangxi enhance their understanding of Guangxi's talent policies and environment to create a good working and living environment.