Dalong Lake Scenic Area (4A)


Updated: 2019-08-27


Dalong Lake Scenic Area. [Photo/gxzf.gov.cn]

Dalong Lake Scenic Area is located in Dalongdong village, Xiyan town, Shanglin county, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and is 28 kilometers away from the heart of Shanglin county. It is a karst lava rocky scenic tourist area with tall mountains and a peaceful lake formed by artificially intercepting groundwater in 1958. The entire lake covers an area of 8,400 mu (560 hectares), including 14 natural islands on the lake and 16 natural caves.

The biggest highlight of the Dalong Lake Scenic Area is riding a boat on the lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery of water and mountains. It is an eco-tourism area focusing on natural landscapes, with several scenic spots on the lake such as Lotus Mountain, Penguin Mountain, and Peacock Mountain.

Under the premise of preserving the authenticity and cultural integrity of tourist attractions, the Dalong Lake Scenic Area enables the tourism resources to meet the needs of contemporary tourists, as well as future generations, maintaining the harmonious development of the resources, environment, and tourism. The scenic area is rich in vegetation, beautiful scenery, and superior natural conditions. Due to the difference in lithology, climate, and structural conditions, it is very unique in the karst landforms of mountains, the lake, caves, and stones, boasting high ornamental value.