Que'er Mountain Park (4A)


Updated: 2019-08-13


Lotuses in Que'er Mountain Park. [Photo/ylj.liuzhou.gov.cn]

Que'er Mountain Park is a modern comprehensive park featuring landscape, natural scenery, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities located in Liubei district, Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The park covers an area of 83.27 hectares, of which the water area is 20.17 hectares. In the northern area of the park, a peak rises from the ground with an altitude of 179.4 meters. It resembles a bird with a fluttering wing, hence the name Que'er Mountain. 

The park is divided into three areas. The northern area is a cultural leisure and entertainment area. Its main scenic spots and leisure facilities include Que'er Mountain, a swimming center, a children's amusement park, a fitness center, and a hotel. The south-central area highlights plant styling and landscaping. The main attractions are the tea garden, the Shuangma Square, the golf driving range, the Hongdou Square, and the botanical garden.

The waterscape tourist area accounts for one quarter of the total area of the park. It is divided into east Quehu Lake and west Quehu Lake by a bridge. The west part is mainly the lotus scenic spot and the east is mainly for strolling.