Liuzhou launches online medical insurance payment


Updated: 2019-08-09


The launch ceremony of the online medical insurance payment of electronic social security cards is held in Liutie Central Hospital on Aug 7. [Photo/]

Liutie Central Hospital launched online medical insurance payment through electronic social security cards on Aug 7, making it the first medical institution in Liuzhou to provide such a service.

In the future, Liuzhou residents who go to Liutie Central Hospital for medical treatment will only need to bring their phones and will not have to carry their medical cards or social security cards. Medical services such as registration, medical treatment, settlement, and inquiry can be easily achieved by electronic social security cards on their phones.

Insured Liuzhou residents who have received their physical social security card can apply for a personal electronic social security card in related apps, such as Liuzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Longcheng Citizen Cloud, which is a smart public service app. The application process takes less than a minute.

The electronic social security card allows people to enjoy all functions and services of their social security card through their mobile phone. The use of the electronic social security card in Liutie Central Hospital has opened up a convenient channel for the public that comes for medical treatment.


A doctor at Liutie Central Hospital helps a patient complete online payment through their electronic social security card. [Photo/]