Huayu Lake comes to life as rose festival approaches


Updated: 2019-03-13


Roses have begun blooming in the Huayu Lake Ecological & Leisure Tourism Area. [Photo by Liu Zengxuan/Nanning Evening Post]

The Huayu Lake Ecological & Leisure Tourism Area in Nanning will kick off its second rose festival on March 16, offering a myriad of floriculture salons, cultural performances, handicrafts, and sporting activates amid the lovely fragrance of roses.

According to Lu Xianmei, an executive of the scenic sport, there are 106 species of rose (40 are European species) in the rose garden, which cover an area of 300 mu (20 hectares). Visitors can also go canoeing or cycle around the area, or pick fruit on the plantations.

Meanwhile, a 260-meter 7D glass trestle is slated to open on March 24. It consists of 28 steel wire ropes and 85 pieces of glass. 7D interactive films were used for reference while designing it, and tourists will be awed by 60 sets of fantastic images underfoot while walking across the bridge.


A 260-meter 7D glass trestle will open on March 24. [Photo by Liu Zengxuan/Nanning Evening Post]