Conquer the slopes at S China's first ski resort in Quanzhou


Updated: 2019-02-03


A stunning view of the Tianhu Ice & Snow World Ski Resort. [Photo/]

The Tianhu Ice & Snow World Ski Resort, the first outdoor ski venue in South China, opened for the season in Quanzhou county, 120 kilometers away from downtown Guilin.

The ski field, located in the picturesque Tianhu Ecological Tourist Resort, is set among Tianhu Lake and Zhenbao Peak, the second highest peak in South China.

It offers a multitude of choices for skiers at different skill levels. It includes a 10,000-square-meter snow-covered activity area, a 100-meter primary ski trail, and three snow circle trails. Visitors can relax, eat or rent ski equipment in a 6,000-square-meter service hall.


A skier shows off his skill at the resort. [Photo/]

Two-hour tickets are priced at 268 yuan ($40) per adult on weekdays and 318 yuan on weekends. Children below 1.2 meters enjoy a discounted price of just 150 yuan.

Express buses to the resort are offered from Guilin South Bus Station, Guilin Bus Terminal, Guilin North Bus Station and Quanzhou Bus Station.


Customers buy ski equipment in the service hall. [Photo/]