What foreigners say about Guangxi


Updated: 2018-12-28

Thavishi Gunatilake-Sri Lankan citizen:

"Here, now it has become like second home where friends, family and teachers are very nice, close. Even my Chinese friends are very open."

Chandraveer-Indian citizen:

"I like the Chinese culture. I like Guangxi people and I like people in Nanning. Guangxi Medical University is really good. I come to study here."

Lekunze Narcisse-Cameroonian citizen:

"Guangxi is a good place. Guangxi is kind of a green region. I live a good life. I think Guangxi is cool. This cool is a good cool, like the air condition is good, the teaching is good."

Andrew-US citizen:

"When I first came here, the culture, the environment, the scenery, the people, everything, it really changes my life. So much I went home to America, quit my job, and I came back. Since then it has been wonderful getting to know the people here."

Yang Qingyun-Thai citizen:

"After I came to Guangxi, I found people here are very warmhearted. No matter what kind of problems I come across, whenever I ask for help, they always listen attentively and try to solve the problems."