China-ASEAN Intl Touring Assembly starts overseas journey


Updated: 2018-11-08

The 2018 China-ASEAN International Touring Assembly, also known as the China-ASEAN Journalists Rally, held the departure ceremony for the Guangxi leg of their trip in Nanning on Nov 7.


The departure ceremony for the Guangxi leg of the trip is held in Nanning on Nov 7. [Photo/]

The participating teams then entered Vietnam from Pingxiang Youyi Pass in Guangxi and officially began the international part of their journey.


Performers do the lion dance at the departure ceremony. [Photo/]

Since its inception in 2006, the China-ASEAN International Touring Assembly has become a brand event with extensive influence in China and ASEAN countries. This year's event has been particularly innovative and the competition route has been customized for the first time to form a combination of domestic and overseas.

The participating teams departed from Lanzhou, Gansu province on Oct 31, passing through Xi'an, Hanzhong, Chongqing and Guiyang before finally arriving in Nanning.

After Vietnam, the team will pass through Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, ending their journey in Singapore. The trip distance will total 10,000 kilometers.


The first vehicle departs from Nanning. [Photo/]

There are 120 drivers and staff members in this competition, including 40 domestic participants, 40 foreign participants and 40 staff members.

The drivers will compete in 13 games, including eight rally races, four fixed-speed races and one go-kart race.

With the theme of "promoting the new channel of international land and sea trade and serving the development of the Belt and Road", the rally is committed to playing an active role in cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries.

It has held activities such as visiting Zhang Qian's hometown and friendly interactions with Hanzhong Aviation Smart New City. When passing through important cities in various countries, it will also carry out sports, culture, economic, trade and tourism exchange activities.