Liuzhou issues policies for talent introduction


Updated: 2018-11-07

Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has approved a number of measures to accelerate the accumulation of talents in the new era. In the next five years, the city's goal of achieving total talents is expected to exceed 1 million.

For Class A talents (teams) who come to work in Liuzhou, the maximum subsidy for the project will be set at 100 million yuan ($14.43 million); for Class B talents (teams) that are introduced and cultivated, the maximum subsidy for a project will be be 30 million yuan; and for class C talents and teams who start businesses in Liuzhou, the maximum subsidy for the project will be 10 million yuan.

Liuzhou will give living allowances to full-time college graduates newly recruited by enterprises and institutions who come to Liuzhou for entrepreneurship, participate in social insurance in Liuzhou and pay normal fees for more than six months. Living allowances will be 1,500 yuan per person per month for doctors; 1,000 yuan per person per month for masters; 500 yuan per person per month for undergraduates.

University graduates with full-time undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees who are not enrolled in Liuzhou but come to the city for an interview or intend to work and start a business in Liuzhou, can apply for a monthly rent subsidy of a maximum of 800 yuan for six months. 

Liuzhou will also offer housing subsidies for newly introduced talents to purchase their first set of family housing.

In addition, Liuzhou will also build talent apartments. The number of talent apartments in the city will be no less than 5,000 in five years.