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Guangxi promotes construction of hierarchical medical system


Updated: 2018-11-06

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Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has raised over 6.2 billion yuan ($895.53 million) to support the construction of a hierarchical medical system in the past three years and improving the quality of primary health care services in the region.

Guangxi used the majority of the funds to strengthen the standardized construction of township health centers, county-level general hospitals, Chinese medicine national hospitals, maternal and child health centers, disease prevention and control centers, psychiatric hospitals, and health supervision offices.

The province has also addressed shortcomings in the lack of medical and health resources in poor and rural areas.

In order to support the implementation of a county-wide telemedicine system project, Guangxi spent 119 million yuan focusing on the construction of 3A-level public hospitals, city-level public hospital telemedicine systems and county-level comprehensive hospitals.

Currently 78 public hospitals at or above the county level have completed the construction of a remote consultation system and put it into operation, including 58 county-level comprehensive hospitals, 13 city-level public hospitals, and seven district-city public hospitals.

In addition, Guangxi raised 0.7 billion yuan to support the construction of key specialities in public hospitals, improving the service level of key specialities in urban public hospitals and the level of diagnosis and treatment in medical complexes.