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Baise encourages entrepreneurship among college graduates


Updated: 2018-10-12

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The city of Baise, located in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has recently issued a number of policies to entice college graduates to settle down in the area and is striving to attract 10,000 new college graduates for employment and entrepreneurship per year within the next five years.

Implementing one-time living and skills subsidies

For those graduates who work or start businesses in Baise, and meet the requirements concerning service and labor contracts, Baise will give 5,000 yuan ($724.91) for college students, 10,000 yuan for undergraduates, 20,000 yuan for masters students, and 50,000 yuan for doctoral students.

For those who have national vocational qualification certificates, Baise will offer subsidies of 10,000 yuan for senior workers, 15,000 yuan for technicians (including preparatory technicians) and 20,000 yuan for senior technicians.

Increasing support for employment and entrepreneurship subsidies

Baise has distributed social insurance subsidies for enterprises with newly added jobs, as well as social insurance subsidies for small and micro enterprises or social organizations who plan to employ college graduates.

Baise state-owned enterprises recruit college graduates at a minimum rate of 20 percent of new jobs each year.

Baise also encourages enterprises to establish a graduate employment apprenticeship base for college graduates, and will grant a one-off 200,000 yuan award to the national demonstration units recognized as employing college graduates and promoting the construction of college students' entrepreneurial bases. They will also give demonstration bases recognized as autonomous region-level entrepreneurship incubation bases awards of 10 million yuan.

Master crafts studios founded by college graduates and recognized by the autonomous region are eligible to receive 600,000 yuan.

Promoting housing security services

Baise has reduced the rent of public housing and adopted a policy of promoting construction, purchase and leasing to actively provide safe and convenient public rental housing for new graduates in colleges and universities.

In addition, Baise has also increased purchase price preferential policy support and gives priority to the purchase of affordable housing policy. Those who purchase the first set of government-developed ordinary commercial housing can enjoy a one-time purchase discount of 15 percent of the total purchase amount.

Establishing a convenient and smooth service platform

In order to simplify the business process, Baise has established a specialized human resources service organization and a Baise sub-market of Guangxi talent market, as well as a one-stop employment and entrepreneurship service window for college graduates, improving professional service levels and innovating to create new modes of service.

Moreover, Baise has also increased training and follow-up for college graduates by listening to their opinions as they navigate the process of entrepreneurship and employment, as well as offering special awards to outstanding personnel.