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About China-ASEAN Expo

Updated: 2018-08-29

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The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) is co-sponsored by ministries/department of commerce or industry and trade of China and the 10 ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, and is organized by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Having been successfully concluded for 14 sessions so far, the CAEXPO has grown into an event of special international influence and plays an important role in promoting the China-ASEAN friendly cooperation and building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. 

The 15th CAEXPO is held from September 12 to 15 in Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC). 

Six features of the 15th CAEXPO:  

1. Import + Export

The CAEXPO highlights China's import and focuses on opening the market to ASEAN. It provides an effective bridge for ASEAN products to enter the Chinese market.

2. Investing abroad + Investment inviting

The CAEXPO, keeping close pace with the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) Investment Agreement, aims to buiding a platform for Chinese enterprises to make overseas investment in ASEAN. 

3. Commodity trade + Trade in services

In accordance with the CAFTA Agreement on Trade in Goods and the Agreement on Trade in Services, the CAEXPO boosts the trading of tariff-reduction commodities in the CAFTA and cooperation in services trade.

4. Exhibitions + Conference

The CAEXPO incorporates exhibitions, seminars,briefing conference, contract signing ceremonies, as well as high-end fora that attract wide attendance of government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars and experts, which wins it a reputation as a salad bowl of exhibitions and conferences. 

5. Trade fair & Diplomatic stage

The CAEXPO makes the business opportunities of the CAFTA more accessible to enterprises, meanwhile, it contributes to the friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN. 

6. Business programs + Cultural exchanges

Apart from business promotion activities, diversified cultural and sports programs are also held concurrently with the CAEXPO, including China-ASEAN Auto Rally Race, tennis games, fashion shows, and food festivals. 

Major exhibitions:

1. Pavilion of Commodity Trade

Chinese commodity section: machine & equipment (engineering machinery & vehicles, food processing & packaging machinery, electrical power equipment & new energy), electronics & electrical appliances, general commodities section, and building materials. 

ASEAN commodity section: brand products, food & agri-based product, furniture & furnishing, arts & crafts, jewelry and accessories, consumer goods, service products, raw materials, and coffee & foods.

CAEXPO specialized exhibitions: agricultural exhibition, light industrial exhibition, forest & wood products exhibition, culture exhibition, and tourism exhibition. 

2. Pavilion of Investment Cooperation 

International economic cooperation: international engineering project contracting, labor cooperation, resource development, information technology, energy development, infrastructure construction, industrial parks development. 

Agriculture cooperation: achievements of China-ASEAN agriculture cooperation, modern agriculture demonstration park, agricultural high-tech and investment projects. 

3. Pavilion of Advanced Technology 

Advanced manufacturing, smart cities, science and technology parks and innovative achievements, ASEAN science and technology innovation.

4. Pavilion of Trade in Services 

Corporate financial services, tourism services. 

5. Pavilion of Cities of Charm 

China and the 10 ASEAN countries will choose their own "City of Charm" to be showcased at the CAEXPO. Apart from showcasing city images, this pavilion will focus on exhibiting their latest achievements. Theme programs and networking activities will be arranged to promote city-to-city exchanges. 

6. Trade and investment promotion activities 

CAEXPO round-table meeting on investment cooperation, promotion conference on ASEAN industrial parks, investment promotion conferences of the 10 ASEAN member states and major Chinese provinces/cities, investment and fund-raising seminar, project signing ceremonies, etc. 

7. CAEXPO Specialized and overseas exhibitions 

Agricultural exhibition, light industrial exhibition, culture exhibition, tourism exhibition, forest and wood products exhibition, Bruneian exhibition, Animation exhibition, Vietnamese exhibition.

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