Nanning Liujing Industrial Park

Updated: 2018-08-28

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Panorama of the Nanning Liujing Industrial Park [Photo/]

Nanning Liujing Industrial Park, formerly named Hengxian Liujing Industrial Park, was established on Feb 27, 2002, and on Dec 6, it was elevated by the government of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to become a provincial development zone. In January 2010, approved by the government of the autonomous region, Liujing Industrial Park was included as one of the 14 key industrial parks in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. 

Located at the intersection between China-ASEAN Free Trade area (CAFTA) and the Pan-Pearl River Delta, the park is an important sea hub in the southwest region and hub of the Nanning-Guiyang-Kunming Economic Belt.

Currently, the area of the Liujing Industrial Park has reached 20.12 square kilometers, of which 16.57 square kilometers have been developed in Liujing district and 3.55 square kilometers have been developed in Nayang district.


Nanning Liujing Industrial Park [Photo/]

There are 116 enterprises in Liujing Industrial Park. Among them, 78 enterprises are in Liujing district, 38 enterprises in Nayang district. Since the establishment of the park, 133 projects have entered the park, with a total investment of more than 36.8 billion yuan, involving pulping and papermaking, electric power, chemical industry, cocoon and silk processing, steel structure manufacturing, cement and steel, and agricultural products processing.

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