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Shiwaitaoyuan (4A)

Updated: 2018-08-22

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Shiwaitaoyuan [Photo/]

The Shiwaitaoyuan (land of idyllic beauty) scenic area was developed and built based on The Peach Blossom Spring written by Tao Yuanming and the local landscape. It is a destination suggested by the World Tourism Organization and a demonstration spot of national agricultural tourism. 

It is 39 kilometers away from Guilin and 15 km from Yangshuo.


Shiwaitaoyuan [Photo/]

Visitors can enjoy views on the water or by talking a walk. Visitors can also travel by boat to see primitive worship and hunting and folk dances. 

The Yuanming mountain villa in the scenic area features the layout of Classical Gardens of Suzhou and the style of folk houses in Guangxi. Through different windows in the villa, visitors can enjoy different views. The villa also offers ancient paper making, printing and bamboo and wood carving performances.

Hotline: 0773-2851066;0773-2851088;0773-8775666

Ticket: 75 yuan ($10.96)