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Guangxi Construction Engineering Group

Updated: 2018-08-21

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Guangxi Construction Engineering Group is a large State-owned enterprise of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, which focuses on construction and installation, real estate, manufacturing and leasing of construction machinery, concrete and building materials sales, infrastructure investment, international business, mining, hotels and other sectors. It has 17 wholly owned subsidiaries and 4 holding enterprises, of which 6 are super-qualified enterprises and the other 5 are first-class qualified enterprises.

The group completed operating revenue of 90.51 billion yuan ($13.93 billion), total profit and tax of 4.47 billion yuan, and newly signed contract amount of 167.74 billion yuan in 2017, achieving double-digit growth for eight consecutive years since 2010.

In 2017, it ranked 191st in the Top 500 Enterprises of China, and was second in the Top 500 construction enterprises with provincial-level for five consecutive years.

The group was highly praised by customers at both home and abroad regarding its good quality and high reputation. In China, a large number of large and medium-sized construction projects such as the Zhuhai Port comprehensive building of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Mogao Grottoes conservation and utilization project of Dunhuang, and the T2 Terminal of Nanning Airport have witnessed the excellent strength of Guangxi Construction Engineering. In regards to businesses abroad, the group actively explores the markets of Southeast Asia and Africa, and continuously achieves new achievements. The Vietnam Da Nang Hotel won the National Silver Award for Quality Engineering (overseas); the National Theater of Somalia is known as the "Flower of Sino-Somalia Friendship"; a number of sugar factory projects in Thailand and Ethiopia created records, setting a good example for the industry. 

Adhering to "Quality First", the qualification rate for one-time inspection of the company's projects are always 100 percent. It has won nearly 600 Provincial Quality Awards, 39 National Quality Awards, more than 90 national AAA safe and civilized construction site awards, 2 Zhan Tianyou Awards, and 25 Luban Awards - China's top construction honor. It has obtained 340 patents, 21 national-level engineering methods, and 709 provincial-level engineering methods. 

The group boasts 4 technical research centers, and 4 assembly building production bases and 2 intelligent manufacturing bases are under construction. 

Add: No 1 Building, Construction Engineering Building, No 19 Pingle Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi

Tel: 0771-2810325

Fax: 0771-2838928