Qinzhou boosts fixed -asset investment

Updated: 2018-07-06

A chemicals and new materials integration project, a major undertaking by Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company in Qinzhou with a total investment of 22.8 billion yuan ($3.33 billion), started construction on June 27.

The project, settled in the Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park, has completed the auxiliary office building and signed contracts worth 450 million yuan. 

To date, Qinzhou has invested approximately 189.88 billion yuan in 446 major projects (excluding real estate), 44 of which were among the first major projects promoted by the autonomous region. 

These projects contribute a great deal in pushing forward investment in the area. From January to May, the fixed-asset investment in Qinzhou increased by 15.3 percent, of which 9 billion yuan was for 446 municipal level projects and 1.94 billion yuan was for the 44 projects promoted by the autonomous region. 

The Guangxi-Singapore passageway construction project is another major development in Qinzhou. Its 13 sub-projects with a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan account for 48 percent of the total investment in passageway infrastructure construction of the autonomous region.

Currently, investment in the first phase of the extension of the east waterway of Qinzhou port has reached 809 million yuan and the berth renovation of the Dalanping south operation area of Qinzhou port has attracted 80.69 million yuan.