Guilin district unveils Sanyuesan Festival celebrations


Updated: 2021-04-08

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A press conference is held to announce the activities that Guilin's Xiufeng district will hold during this year's Sanyuesan Festival. [Photo provided to]

A total of 61 folk events including performances, exhibitions and activities will take place in Guilin's Xiufeng district from April 14 to 16 to mark this year's Sanyuesan Festival, a traditional festival of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The main venue for Xiufeng's celebration of the Sanyuesan Festival will be set up in the Osmanthus Commune, while three sub-venues will be set up at East-West Lane, Zunshen Temple cuisine city and Miaowang Street. 

The event's opening ceremony will give full play to local ethnic cultural resources to showcase the charm of Xiufeng district.

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, so a series of performances of revolutionary songs and screenings of films with revolutionary themes will be organized during the event. 

The development of the osmanthus industry will be moved forward as osmanthus is the city flower of Guilin. Locating the event's main venue in the Osmanthus Commune is also an act aimed at establishing innovation and entrepreneurship platforms for private companies and offering more support for their growth. 

The Osmanthus Commune, which started construction in March 2018, has become a new landmark of Guilin's cultural tourism integrating industry, culture and tourism. Themed around osmanthus culture, the commune contains an experience hall, a hotel and a theme park. 

Other activities will include a national elderly volleyball game, a photography competition, a calligraphy and photography exhibition, a historical relics exhibition and a chance to experience traditional rice noodles.